USA by Bman
Features original art designs created from old rusty steel objects and rare found items.
They are never welded but assembled to last a lifetime.

The unique handmade decor displays wonderful function and stylish indoor-outdoor purpose.

Offering mostly one of a kind works and others are  limited editions.
All works are signed, numbered/dated.

USA by Bman designs will remain on web site for future reference.
Client information is not published, sold or shared.

Please note:
Shipping and handling fees not included in the listed price. Simply email for s/h quote before your decision to Buy it Now.
(C) 2015 Artisan Dreamer - Exclusive Designs by Bman Barrett - All Rights Are Reserved
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Unique Style Accents by Bman
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Miners Crane

A good match and great use of old rusty steel.
Scrap metal on it's way to China, this American steel was rescued from a pile and assembled to last a lifetime.
It will hold a lot of weight but the quartz rock does not come with it. Looks much better with a hanging plant!

Size: Approx. 3' tall.

Price $295.00 plus s/h
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