USA by Bman
Features original art designs created from old rusty steel objects and rare found items.
They are never welded but assembled to last a lifetime.

The unique handmade decor displays wonderful function and stylish indoor-outdoor purpose.

Offering mostly one of a kind works and others are  limited editions.
All works are signed, numbered/dated.

USA by Bman designs will remain on web site for future reference.
Client information is not published, sold or shared.

Please note:
Shipping and handling fees not included in the listed price. Simply email for s/h quote before your decision to Buy it Now.
(C) 2014 Artisan Dreamer - Exclusive Designs by Bman Barrett - All Rights Are Reserved
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Unique Style Accents by Bman
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Floating Candle

One of my favorite creations, this assembled  work is great looking and has much more to see.
When a candle is lit inside the antique glass jar, reflection shows the illusion of the candle floating at the top
An amazing sight indeed.

Assembled from old farm implements and hand bent rod iron, this unique piece is certainly one of a kind!
Size: Approx. 5' tall.


Glass Included

Price $1,950.00 plus s/h
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